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Alternate Text Date of online admission is extended till 31-Dec-2018 as per notification number 3ME3-PB/18/22581 dated 26-Dec-2018.

It is informed that due to rush of work individual application for Diploma / Registration shall not be entertained. All the students shall apply for Diploma / Registration through institute only. The institute shall prepare a single bunch of all diploma/registration applications and submit it in PNRC. Please cooperate with us.

Alternate TextThis is to inform that all kind of fees has to be paid through Bank Challan generated from PNRC website i.e. w.e.f. 01-10-2018. No DD/Cash payment shall be accepted after 30-09-2018.


It is felt that the time has come when the interests of the increasing number of trained nurses, health visitors, midwives, nurse, dais and trained dais and of their clientele should be protected and this can be best achieved by the registration and proper control of such nurses, health visitors, midwives, nurse, dais and trained dais. Moreover, registration in itself supplied an incentive to take training and thereby improves professional standards. It is accordingly proposed to enact measures on the lines of the law in force in Great Britain where there is a Council which deals with various questions relating to nurses, such as the training examination, registration, etc. of nurses and their removal from the register maintained under the authority of the Council. Provision also exists in the English Act forbidding any unregistered person from practicing nurse and also penalizing the use by an unregistered nurse of any title of name suggesting that such nurse is registered nurse.

The Madras Nurse and Midwives Act 1926, which is based on English Act, has already been passed into law, and a Bill for the Punjab has been made on the provisions of the English and Madras Acts”.

Dr. Kanwardeep Singh

Registrar PNRC

It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you to the Website of Punjab Nurses Registration Council, and to extend our wishes for an enviable success in your profession of Nursing.

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